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Your island will be visited by Animal Crossing Items

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Animal Crossing Bells


Wedding Season (June 1 to 30): Whether that is a direct response to Nintendo noticing players have been holding actual weddings within the sport, or if it is a wild coincidence, it’s difficult to say, but we’re excited about wedding time. Players visit Harvey’s Island (a location that’s designed specifically for wrestling picture shoots) to celebrate Reese and Cyrus’s marriage, two alpacas in love. Special wedding-themed presents are received by players, Once attending.

Your island will be visited by a recognizable sloth Nature Day to kickstart. His name is Leif, and he first appeared in the prior installment, Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The latter should not be confused with hedges: the vital difference is hedges are sturdy fence constructions whereas shrubs are planted exactly the exact same manner that you would plant trees and flowers.

Since the update went live, I have made a gorgeous garden atop a cliff overlooking my town. Utilizing the greenery offerings of Leif can result in a setting that is lively, but keep in mind that it takes two days for shrubs to develop into bushes.

Similar to fishing aficionado C.J. and bug enthusiast Flick, two other villagers that occasionally see your island throughout this week, Leif buys a particular item at a premium.

When you experience an excess of weeds (be careful, you may want to keep some for crafting purposes) then you’re able to accrue extra money this way.Like in preceding Animal Crossing games, Jolly Redd (previously called Crazy Redd) is a scam artist. He’s an art peddler — but is legitimate.

Animal Crossing Items buy

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