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What you’re talking about generally

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Cheap and simple, but it would leave pkers with no content which is what I’m trying to avoid. I’ve never pked myself but they really do deserve their place in rs3 gold. If we remove the wilderness and put in the revenants back, death would be similar to my alternative (except you would be murdered by npc’s versus a runescape participant, and my proposal was at double the reclaim cost). In both circumstances, risk will be severly capped. I don’t think there is still a small number of clans busy everyone has left the wilderness, and eventhough they’re mainly fighting with each other they need ton’t be repulsed with an update to the machine.Either you proceed without alt1, that is your option. But do not complain about other people using it and having an easier time than you once you picked yourself, to not use it. Personally, not knowing the circumstance I’ve performed well over a million elites myself and played runescape for close to 15 years. Ialso have followed this debate for quite a very long time and’m part of clue chasers Discord. I know what I’m speaking about. You mostly appear being poisonous for the reason of wanting to be precisely that: poisonous and to complain, although you look as if you do also.

I don’t blame alt1 consumers at all, problem is that jagex are now balancing around its existence; on release of this clue rework slider puzzles were actually in a really fantastic state until some time later when they realised that alt1 users weren’t racing through them too quickly and chose to massively boost the randomisation; do you understand what I mean? So as to equilibrium to your users that are alt1 normal users are being attacked by them and which makes it considerably worse for them.

This isn’t okay. It’s just like the telos freedom timer, imagine if they had been to begin designing bosses on the premise you used a screen reader to keep track of various mechanisms? Would this be an appropriate position? I’m speaking about the context of the particular discussion and I am furious at jagex’s behavior on the issue, I wasn’t saying that you don’t understand what you’re talking about generally. You do not have to bend brother.

But what if Jagex does it all, but then calls cheap RuneScape Mobile gold a huge clue update that required enormous dev time which clarifies no major updates/quest for weeks when it is actually only a run of the mill patch week that happens to be committed to clues. With so many patch weeks has not the ninja team become the key devs and the big content teams become those that sporadically throw out random upgrades (that the ninja team then must dedicate a complete patch week or 2 to fix this too )?

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