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Together with the NPCs I’d also know better

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If you’re not into high-level PvM and bossing afterward 2m or even 200k may be a good deal of cash, especially since it’s easy to eliminate it all in a minute due to a skull fool exploit.Don’t forget that runescape includes a ton of casual runescape players. If you meet a pker then there is a big opportunity they aren’t a casual and then even with elder rune equipment they are very unlikely to acquire from someone with decent PvM experience.One big difference is that with NPCs there’s zero danger of being skull fooled. I am able to know just what I’d lose so that I could build my gear without the chance of losing items it took me weeks of grinding for around it, if I die.

Together with the NPCs I’d also know better which ones are too strong for me and which ones I could take on, and I feel justified in taking risks if I know what I could endure from if I paid attention. When I do die, then there is also still a chance I could get back in time to pick up my things if no other runescape participant saw it.Wear expensive gear like masterwork and a scythe and afk in the GE in a somewhat busy world for a while. You’ll get PMs of individuals trying to lure you often. And yes, I know it is possible to turn off chat or set it to friends only, but that stops them just for you. The lure attempts clearly occur with much lures it appears that they are probably effective frequently and very often.

There is a big difference between bringing 200k equipment and using a large chance to lose all of it, and bringing 200k and having a little chance to lose 30-40k worthiness of things from it. Additionally, you often see folks gearing up for places where they may be assaulted by NPCs outside the wildy (such as when mining at lower battle in places where creatures can attack you). Why would people refuse to gear up in the wildy in the event the danger there was reworked with? You are assuming that people are willing to grind to get pk gear which they don’t have any problem with losing.

Only people who are really into PvP will consider doing that. It might also protect you but the actual pkers I have met usually have gear and are maxed accounts. 200k worth of equipment won’t help you much if the other runescape participant has the gear and level benefit, unless you somehow can tank while escaping to a safe zone (for which you have to be rather near as from the moment someone hits 50% adren and can hit on a treshold it’s normally a death sentence). And should you want to bring gear that makes you’ve got the advantage, such as a weapon you’re risking.

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