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Gameplay massively for the buy wow classic gold

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Legendaries in Legionwere enormous, many altered gameplay massively for the courses that got themand you believe that the»older» legendaries werebetter? Most of them only had high stats and no real impact on gameplay…The main issue was that they kept doubling back on thesystem after it had obviously failed. It could’ve just been»that bizarre thing we had to cope with for a single patch,» butinstead they allow it to leave a black mark over the entire expansion.Edit: wonder that member of the dev group downvoted me.

Eventhough I loathed the mythical system, everything else about the growth was great. . Suramar may very well be my favoritearea/story ever.Legion was easily the best expansion since WotLK for me personally.Best expansion up to Now, and I’ve beenenjoying since TBC. I loved the focus on course fantasy, course halls, adored RNH epic drops (because it made all content preciousto perform ) and loved artifact weapons. I really don’t know why everyone believes it was so great.Legion has been a antasticexpansion?!!? Guess everything is up following WOD. Good narrative, tons and a great deal of articles to experience (to the pointwhere even when I roll a new course I am eager to return to perform the Legion class uestlines.)

That was super lore heavy withall kinds of cool throwbacks and testimonials (like calia menethil in the priest hall before it became apparent she’d be playing apart in the future narrative.) And artifacts gave us a slew of interesting and cool transmog alternatives and even more fleshedout lore and references. Then there was the mage tower.

classic wow gold

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