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But Crispy’s tune is rsgoldfast

  • Provincia: Neuquén
  • Pais: Ashmore and Cartier Island
  • Listado: 7 septiembre, 2020 9:47 am
  • Caduca: Este anuncio ha caducado


«But Crispy’s tune is a cover/remix!That’s fair use,right?It’s transformative!Therefore he has the copyright for his song!»

For a better understanding of what you can or can’t copyright,you need to watch]this movie by Tom Scott.]But in a word,no, Crispy’s remaster of Spooky would surely not be considered fair use.The very fact that the majority of people genuinely cannottell the difference between the two is all of the evidence you’d want to strike down some fair use argument.Okay,so does this absolve Pugger?

Well,it depends on what you care about.If you really care about whether Crispy must sue or issue that a copyright strike,then yeah,Pugger has nothing to worry about there.But obviously,there is more to»right and wrong»than just figuring out who is liable for a civil suit.Using a person’s cover of a tune with no charge is still a impolite movement. However,this is really splitting hairs today.That is just professional courtesy though.The point is:Crispy,you need to chill.

Your music isn’t your songs,and in all likelihood until you brought it around Pugger he probably didn’t even know he wasn’t using the original.Such a strange movement,to participate on twitter(thus removing doubt that you had seen the article)but not add a link.Your purpose on legality is true,although it misses the major point.OP is in the right for wanting to be credited for his job.

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